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Microsoft 365 Webinar – When We Helped Charities Get the Most Out of Their Subscription

We recently hosted the second of our Charity Tech Mastery Webinar Series in partnership with Microsoft Tech for Social Impact. This time we looked at unlocking the time-saving tools in MS365 that could help charity workers speed up their tasks and stay within budget.

As Professional Services Director Mark Kirby said in his introduction, ‘Charities and non-profits have to know the value of every pound because it’s a donation. So you need to stretch it as far as you can.’

Naveed Iqbal, Microsoft Tech for Social Impact UK Ambassador described the various ways in which  Microsoft has nurtured the charity sector over recent years. These include providing considerable tech grants as well as reinvesting profits to help smaller charities.

Mark gave an overview of the various MS365 plans (Basic, Standard and Premium) and grants available for non-profits. He then looked at a few handy apps in MS 365 that could add the most value to charities such as:

  • Bookings: allow contacts to book time into your calendar and avoid double booking
  • Speaker Coach: get personalised advice on how to improve your speech in meetings and presentations.
  •  Dictate: use your voice to create documents, emails and presentations.
  •  Viva insights: find work-life balance with productivity tools.
  •  Microsoft Forms: gather data through polls, quizzes and surveys.
  • Power automate: streamline processes with a cloud automation platform.
  •  Copilot: analyse data; draft emails and presentations; summarise meetings and get customised answers based on your business processes.

We had a great response from attendees who quizzed Mark on several topics related to MS365 apps. There was also interest in attending the third session which will focus exclusively on Copilot and how it can help the charity sector.

We know the operational challenges that many charities face on a day-to-day basis. We hope that this series of webinars will provide attendees with valuable advice on speeding up tasks and making the most of their budgets.

Watch this space for our update on the third webinar on Copilot soon.

And you can find out more about how organisations can prepare for Copilot by visiting our get ready for Copilot preparation service.

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