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Boutique Law Firm

In-Depth Security Gap Analysis for Boutique Law Firm

Intersys’ detailed cyber security gap analysis benchmarked the client’s security against industry standards and highlighted obvious gaps. 


 A boutique law firm’s cyber insurance policy required them to take more robust security measures around their IT infrastructure. Consequently, they were seeking an independent IS0 27001-certified security provider to benchmark and improve their IT security.

The nature of their work meant that sensitive information was routinely stored on the company’s IT systems. This necessitated securing of all systems and implementation of strict access control for all users. 

Our Solution:

Intersys has a strong track record of working with the highly regulated legal sector for their IT and cyber security needs. As an ISO-27001 certified IT security provider, our approach is rooted in scrutiny and diligence.

 An in-depth gap analysis is the first step towards robust security. The aim of this analysis was to identify any weak spots within the client’s infrastructure and create a security base line.

We investigated every element of the client’s infrastructure and highlighted gaps in their IT security. We then recommended specific changes to harden their security posture.

Our team began by mapping out programs, any potential entry vectors and locations where sensitive data was stored and needed to be reviewed.

Our investigations covered these distinct areas:

Endpoint/Device Management Audit

This phase consisted of auditing the centralised device management platforms that supported Windows and Mac devices in the organisation. 
We inspected device configuration as well as device management configuration. To streamline the data collection in the endpoint audit we used our cutting-edge security tool, Cyban, which scans machines, identifies vulnerabilities, and produces clear and actionable reports for executives, and IT professionals alike. 
The client could track their overall cyber health with an easy-to-read dashboard and cyber score. They could also quantify the cost and likelihood of data loss and take steps to mitigate their cyber risk. 

Cloud Service Review

This phase involved auditing the various cloud services and applications used by the client from Office 365 to their financial platforms and more. We checked everything from security alerting and presence of Multifactor Authentication to data residency and email security to name just a few. 

Threat Matrix and Reporting

Once the above phases were completed, we created a full threat matrix and report for the key stakeholders within the business. The matrix was designed to work as a ‘living document’ to help the client track and mitigate risk and could be updated on a regular basis. 
 Alongside this, each risk was added to a register with suggested remediation and Intersys’ assessment of the likelihood and impact to allow stakeholders a clear priority list. 

As a result of this in-depth security gap analysis, the client was able to clearly spot where security risks currently lay in their infrastructure and how to overcome them. They were able to ensure that staff were working securely and that they were making the most out of their current systems.

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