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Offshore Wind Industry

IT Support for the Renewables Sector

A renewable energy company was looking to overhaul their entire IT infrastructure. In addition to improving their infrastructure, we now provide the client with a fully managed service, taking care of their day-to-day IT support and making frequent visits to their site.


One of the main challenges with our client’s existing IT services was an overly complicated IT infrastructure, which led to inefficiencies and unreliability. Also, their IT support was insufficient for their needs, so they frequently needed to turn to supplementary support.

Our Solution

We worked with the client to develop an IT strategy that would simplify existing systems, dramatically improve reliability, and reduce IT costs. Our process was:

Consolidation of IT infrastructure

We recommended a concerted IT consolidation exercise to reduce the complexity, cost and maintenance overheads of their IT. This has improved reliability and network security, and we continually look for ways to improve their infrastructure.

Move to a fully managed service

By outsourcing their IT services to Intersys, our client now has a team of extremely skilled technical staff available whenever they need them. Not only does this provide greater expertise and security of service, but it has significantly reduced their IT support costs. We also provide knowledge and training for key support staff as needed.

Improved email service

We migrated their email to Microsoft 365, allowing for reliability, higher service level, redundancy and scalability.

Special project

We also provided a specialised service where we helped the client to streamline their bid management process by switching from spreadsheets to a customised version of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM online service.

Running a complex organisation of multiple companies, I need corporate IT services to work with me and to scale with all of my businesses, smoothly and without fuss. Intersys’ Managed Service has been significantly easier to manage, more cost effective and more responsive than the equivalent service from permanent support staff. The skills go far beyond just IT and I know I can trust these guys to keep us running and growing.

Renewable Energy Company 
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