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Bowmed Ibisqus

Bowmed Ibisqus is a leading pharmaceutical company specialising in the supply of generic injectable medicines to both NHS hospitals and the private sector.
The business depends upon a solid infrastructure, which requires proactively monitoring and managing an indirect manufacturing and supplier base, and gathering business intelligence to respond rapidly to demanding clients.
Intersys has worked with Bowmed for many years, looking after every aspect of their IT support requirements. So when they needed Enterprise Risk Management advice, they turned to us.


Although Risk Management was already an integral part of Bowmed’s management activities, a more formalised system needed to be implemented, to ensure its processes and documentation remained current and fit for purpose. It also needed regular updates of supply chain disruptions in relevant sectors of the pharma industry, in order to identify and proactively manage supply chain risk trends.

Our solution

Bowmed Ibisqus is a technologically progressive organisation, with a programme of investment which helps ensure its systems are robust, resilient and secure. With this in mind, we advised a range of consulting activities to address these challenges, as outlined below.
Periodic review
We suggested a structured on-site risk review to identify internal and external business risks.
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) update and testing
We recommended that Bowmed finalise their BCP and test it with a business-critical crisis scenario.
Supply chain risk monitoring/competitive intelligence
We offered an industry incident monitoring service which notifies the client of events that could disrupt the supply of products in relevant therapy areas and geographic regions. This would give Bowmed competitive advantages and increases resilience in the business supply chain.

What our client said

‘Keeps us at the forefront of technology’

'In the ever-changing IT world, Intersys have advised and assisted us to help us stay at the forefront of technology - an essential for today’s business leaders.'

David Bowser, Managing Director, Bowmed Ibisqus

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