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SOC as a Service
Cyber Security From the Specialists

You worry about your organisation’s security. And you’re right to. Our security operations centre as a service (SOCaaS) provides high-level security for all sectors, including highly regulated industries.

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‘Highly professional service’

Intersys were thorough and diligent when it came to identifying risks and prioritising mitigating actions and proportionate response plans. A highly professional service. Group Financial Controller, Hummingbird PLC (Gold Mining and Exploration)
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SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) is the Right Solution

The threat to your organisation is real and present

Every business is concerned about cyber security. So why do so many settle for ad hoc security measures from their overburdened IT department? We frequently pick up the pieces from underprepared businesses. Believe us – it’s far, far better to avoid the devastation of a breach in the first place. Find out more about security threats and the need for an SOC.

SOCaaS is the gold standard

A security operations centre is a centralised facility that uses cyber security engineers and automated technologies to monitor, detect and respond to cyber security incidents and threats. It brings a unified and proactive approach to cyber security – offering the highest level of protection. See what the UK's National Cyber Security Centre says about building a SOC.

SOCaaS is almost always the best choice

It can be incredibly difficult and costly to bring the right specialist talent in-house and build the IT infrastructure required. A SOCaaS subscription model will include experienced engineers and up-to-date technologies ready to go – and it will cost less than building an SOC in-house.

SOC as a service tailored for your sector

Intersys is an SOC as a service provider with a track record working with scores of industries, including highly regulated sectors such as pharma, bio-tech, legal, insurance, mining and education. We have the certifications, experience, infrastructure and engineers to bring rock-solid security to you.
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Cyber Security

Does your cyber security provider know your industry? They’d better…

Intersys works with partners over 25 different sectors, including businesses (SMEs to blue chip companies), non-profits and charities. We also work with many partners in highly regulated industries. This means we understand and follow crucial digital compliance mandatories from The FCA, the EU and other governing bodies. Ask us about DORA, EU Annex 11 or GDPR rules and we will guide you to 100% compliance.
SOCaaS for Highly Regulated Industries. A Case Study

A start-up biotech company wanted to focus on creating innovative new medical therapies – not spend its time protecting against property theft and compliance, or setting up a complicated in-house SOC.

Our ISO 27001-certified team built a full-scale managed security operations solution that exactly mirrored expected industry standards and met all GDPR compliance rules.

They innovate, we protect.

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What SOC as a Service from Intersys Can Do For You

SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) from Intersys provides continuous monitoring, threat detection, incident response and user training to highly regulated industries.

The benefits of our managed security operations:

Lower risk of breach

We use experienced live engineers and AI 24/7 monitoring, detection and response to pinpoint and neutralise threats quickly. This is a comprehensive SOCaaS that includes important areas such as user training. We leave no stone unturned. Bad actors have zero opportunity to wreak havoc.

Critical knowledge of highly regulated industries

Pharmaceutical companies – does your current cyber security provider have a thorough understanding of EU Annex 11? Intersys specialists bring this critical knowledge to your project – and understand the regulatory requirements of other highly regulated sectors – to ensure you are 100% compliant.

Lower cost

Our SOC as a service is a cloud-based subscription model, reducing upfront costs and providing predictable expenditure. You avoid the burden of hiring and retaining your own IT security personnel (which can be notoriously difficult to do) or investing in costly hardware.

Fast route to maturity

This is critical. You don’t want to ‘build towards’ SOC best practice for your industry – you want and need it now. With Intersys, you’ll benefit from the latest technology implemented by experienced engineers immediately. This lowers risk and provides the assurance you are meeting the regulatory requirements of your sector from the word go.


You can adjust your subscription to meet changing needs, ensuring that the level of security aligns with the evolving threat landscape and the organization's growth.

Don’t Let Criminals Slip Through the Knowledge Gap!

When your provider doesn’t fully understand your industry, you have a gap. And cyber criminals slip into gaps and infiltrate systems. This is why you must work with a specialist provider who knows the details and plugs every opportunity for infiltration, keeping you robustly protected and complaint.

Intersys’ SOC Clients

We provide comprehensive SOCaaS to dozens of clients in areas as diverse as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, the media, mining and engineering, education, renewables and financial services. We also provide one-off cyber security and IT services.
Recent projects include:

Biotech start-up: protecting IP and business data
Horticultural business: cyber security training
Secondary school: emergency breach response and hardening
Housing Association: enterprise-level firewall
Precious metals company: complete cyber security strategy
Global pharmaceutical company: penetration testing
Fund management company: comprehensive security monitoring
Law firm: cyber security gap analysis
Reinsurance company: cyber security audit
Mining & exploration company: IT infrastructure reboot

Why Should I Trust You With My Data?

Working with a SOC as a service partner to set up a security operations centre means a third party is effectively holding the keys to your business. You have to be able to trust them.

Here’s why you can trust Intersys:

A long-term security provider. We have 27 years of commercial and NGO experience across many sectors, offering you up-to-date and industry-leading protection.

Industry accredited. Our people are highly experienced, ISO 27001-certified, data protection and GDPR-aligned IT security experts. 

We also offer comprehensive cyber security services including emergency support, gap analysis, ransomware recovery and more.

Always look For These Trust Signals: We are Accredited by Industry Leaders

Choose your SOC Package

All our SOC as a service packages include sophisticated alerting and monitoring of endpoints, servers and cloud environments. We will automatically sign clients up to the National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) Early Warning System. You can find out more about each of the services listed here further below.
Silver Package


£15 per user, p/m

  • Security operations centre*
  • Breach response**
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Anti-virus monitoring
  • Email filtering
  • Microsoft 365 monitoring
  • Annual security hardening roadmap
Gold Package


£25 per user, p/m

All Silver Services

  • Office 365 backup
  • Application whitelisting and ringfencing
  • Privilege access management (PAM)
  • Online cyber security training
  • Email attack simulation
  • Fortnightly security meetings
Platinum Package


£40 per user, p/m

All Gold Services

  • Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Endpoint sensor / compliance monitor
  • Dark web monitor
  • Automated PEN testing
  • Security specialist consultancy***
  • Secure web gateway
*This service runs from 9am - 6pm weekdays. A 24/7 service can be provided upon request.
**Up to four breaches per year included, limited to one day of consultancy.
*** Consultancy dependent on requirement. Travel charges may apply for onsite visits outside the Greater London Area.
Terms & Conditions: SOC services include the licensing cost of our remote support and network monitoring software as well as our helpdesk system.

Prices reduce with scale. These services include the licensing cost of our network and user monitoring software as well as attack simulation, Dark web monitoring and external vulnerability scanning tools.

To ensure the best value from the Microsoft 365 monitoring an E5 or Cloud App Security and Azure AD Premium license is required (expected to be delivered as part of the infrastructure).

Educating Your People:
a Crucial Part of Managed Security Operations

One of your best defences against cyber criminals is a security-conscious workforce.

As a part of our Gold and Platinum security operations centre services, our Cyber Security Training Programme raises your employees’ awareness, so they help to keep criminals out.

Our programme provides:

  • Cyber security risk assessments, to quantify the profile of and threat to your user base.
  • Tailored security awareness content, including interactive modules, games, and simulated phishing campaigns.
  • Dedicated ‘phish alert’ buttons to raise awareness of threats.
  • A Virtual Risk Officer to provide feedback and insight into your employees’ cyber-risk.
  • Monthly reports providing insights into the effectiveness of your security plan and actionable next steps.

Our SOC as a Service in Detail

Every client has unique needs, so this is not an exhaustive list. But it describes our core SOCaaS offer core and some of the additional value we can bring to you.

A comprehensive security plan
Sourcing the right cyber and IP assurance, system monitoring and intrusion protection to defend your organisation.
Microsoft 365 monitoring
Including proactively monitoring and enhancing your Secure Score, and actively responding to alerts.
Cloud access monitoring
Deploying internal network monitoring and user activity monitoring, so you know exactly who is accessing your systems.
External penetration testing
Stress testing your systems and ensuring they are robust enough to repel attacks.
Swift breach response
A rapid-response service should a successful breach occur, with urgent on-site assistance.
Compliance expertise
Helping to ensure your cyber security strategy is GDPR and industry compliant.
Perimeter monitoring
Next-generation firewalls send alerts when: viruses are intercepted; there is an network intrusion attempt; and even when sensitive information gets sent outside the organisation.
Anti-virus monitoring
We manage your antivirus of choice or install our recommended solution. Alerts are directed to the SOC desk and issues identified and dealt with before they can spread.
Email filtering
Best-in-class email filtering will block email malware, spam and phishing emails.
Threat detection and incident response with SIEM
We use the latest cyber security AI such as Microsoft Sentinel to help us spot, investigate and deal with security risks before they can actually do any damage.
Annual security hardening roadmap
At the start of our engagement, an Intersys strategic consultant will work with your IT team to identify areas in need of hardening and put together a plan to strengthen your network and protect your data.
Office 365 backup
Intersys works with Acronis to provide best-in-class backup from Microsoft 365 to ensure that your emails and files stored in the cloud are safe from any errors or accidental deletion.
Zero trust / application whitelisting and ringfencing
We will lock down your computers to ensure that only pre-approved applications can run. This means it is almost impossible for a virus or ransomware to run on one of these machines.
Privilege Access Management (PAM)
Additional administrative permissions can be a weak link in your company’s IT security. However, some software or job roles require this to function properly. PAM allows administrative access on request, so users can work effectively without compromising your network.
Cyber Essentials Certification
We will work with your team to help you achieve Cyber Essentials Certification. We manage the process and assist with the steps needed to become compliant.
Endpoint sensor / compliance monitor
We install specialised software on each computer that scans the device software, checks the version and identifies any vulnerabilities or sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details. Intersys staff will identify the most at-risk computers and work with your team to rectify any issues found.
Automated PEN testing
We set up automatic vulnerability scans for your network perimeters and OWASP scans for your website to look for vulnerabilities. Our team will review the findings with you and advise on steps to remediate any issues found.
Dark web monitor
Our dark web service scans hacker forums and databases looking for references to your users’ information. As soon as information about your organisation is found on the dark web, we will work with your team to ensure the accounts are secured and no longer at risk.
Security specialist consultancy
Our security specialists can undertake hardening projects for your network, either working with your IT team or managing the project themselves.
Secure web gateway
Get granular control over your devices wherever they are in the world. We provide unified control over all network traffic using web and DNS filtering, so traffic on all machines is reviewed before it hits the endpoint.
Online cyber security training
Your staff will have access to a customised training portal with over 50 cyber security training modules they can complete at their leisure. You can even assign different courses to your specialist staff, to ensure they have the relevant training. Each course consists of a short video followed by a multiple-choice quiz.
Email attack simulation
To ensure your staff can spot suspicious emails, our team will simulate phishing attacks. We can monitor staff that have clicked on these bogus links and entered in credentials. This approach can be integrated with cyber security training to ensure staff vulnerable to attacks receive extra attention – and ALL of your staff can spot a malicious email.
Regular security meetings
Our SOC specialists will meet with your staff on a regular basis (monthly for Gold packages and fortnightly for Titanium) to review SOC alerts, identify trends or weak points in the network, and advise on steps to make your network more secure.
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