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Social Distancing in Schools

Covid-19 has been a game-changer for schools and colleges. Educational institutions have grappled with the dilemma of social distancing in schools and guarding against increased risks associated with social contact.

Why will Impero Education Pro help with remote learning at home?

All of the features above can be used for home-based learning. A teacher can lead lessons, check activity on pupils’ devices and help individual pupils remotely.

Because all activity is routed through servers based in the school, any of Impero Education Pro’s many safeguards to protect children from harmful content will also be in place in the home setting.

Some of the issues raised in a ‘Reopening Schools Safely’ webinar in early summer 2020 included:

  • keeping young people safely separated
  • maintaining distance between teachers and pupils
  • sharing resources in a safe way.

By late August 2020, the government said that should schools be required to close again as a result of a lockdown, teachers would be mandated to keep learning ongoing at home.

What else can Impero Education Pro do?

Impero Education Pro has many benefits for educational institutions, which can broadly be divided into three areas:

  • Classroom/home-based management – to make device-based learning engaging and accessible
  • Online safety – powerful online safety technology with real-time monitoring
  • Network management – scalable network management, for remotely managing devices and networks across multiple schools

The result is a learning solution that can keep pupils – across multiple sites or at home – interested in device-led learning and cyber secure. It also contributes to social distancing in schools, keeping students and teachers safer.

Watch an in-depth Impero Education Pro product demo here.

Isn’t this going to be complicated to set up?

As a licensed reseller of Impero Education Pro and a schools IT expert, Intersys can quickly introduce the application to your institution and seamlessly integrate it into your systems. We are also a trusted reseller of hardware such as laptops, desktops and tablets, so we can provide you with anything you need to roll out Impero Education Pro across one or multiple sites. Finally, our friendly team (who incidentally have huge experience working in school environments) can train your teachers, students and IT professionals in using the full functionality of Impero Education Pro.

All you need to do is ‘press the button’ and we can have Impero Education Pro up and running quickly and efficiently – enhancing classroom learning and helping to keep everyone in the classroom better protected.

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