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Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy and Support

No matter what size your organisation, well organised file storage is essential. As your business grows, there may come a point where your existing system no longer works for you. Files go missing, folders are misplaced, and with more and more employees working remotely, security is a concern. SharePoint provides a cost-effective solution by providing a secure, central location to organise your information and projects.

SharePoint is built to facilitate real-time collaboration. Users can engage in discussions with experts, find answers and share information with colleagues. You can access your information from anywhere at any time — all you need is an internet location. Let us show you how SharePoint can work for you.

Key benefits:

A single place to store all your documents and collaborate with colleagues in real-time
Minimal infrastructure
No need for servers if you choose a cloud-based option
Customisation options mean SharePoint can be tailored to meet your organisation’s unique needs
Manage your legal obligations with secure data storage
Mobile friendly
You can access SharePoint from your tablet, phone or laptop — all you need is an internet connection
Easy to use
SharePoint is fully integrated with Office 365
Microsoft SharePoint support
While larger organisations often have a dedicated team to run SharePoint, smaller businesses are unlikely to have the staff or expertise. By partnering with Intersys, you can have all the benefits of SharePoint without the cost of hiring full-time staff. Our experts work with clients by showing you how to use the platform’s capabilities to solve problems and run your business more efficiently.
We can:
Provide a seamless migration from your existing on-premises SharePoint to a cloud environment
Customise SharePoint to make it work best for you
Deliver ongoing office-hours SharePoint support
Arrange a smooth transition from your existing office-based file servers to the SharePoint platform, which can be hosted either on your premises or in the cloud via Office 365
Whether you are troubleshooting your existing setup, migrating from on-premises to cloud-based, or deploying SharePoint for the first time, our SharePoint consultancy and support services can help.

Why choose us?

Out-of-the-box packages don’t always meet the needs of businesses. As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, we can customise SharePoint so that it is built to meet your requirements. Our ongoing SharePoint support services deliver reliable UK support every work day during office hours.
Priority UK Support 9am – 6pm
Personal service
SLA times that can be tailored to your needs