Server virtualisation from InterSys can help you reduce maintenance and monitoring costs, whilst increasing reliability and allowing for better performance and easily scalable services.

How we work

It’s not just technology which moves at an astounding rate… power bills do too. For example, let’s say you have six servers – a couple of ageing file and print servers, a new Exchange 2007 email server, a database server and so on. We assess the server utilisation and consolidate them onto perhaps only two machines. This would mean lower ongoing support costs as well.

Don’t worry about about fault tolerance and redundancy; the advantage of having fewer machines is they can be specified with better fault tolerance, including backup power supplies, backup disks, backup LAN cards and even backup banks of RAM (memory) – virtual machines can be moved to another physical machine at the drop of a hat.

Key benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Better performance
  • Increased reliability
  • Speedy delivery of new services
  • Easier scalability of services
  • Reduced maintenance, administration, monitoring, and utility costs

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