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How Outsourcing Computer Forensics to Intersys Can Save You Time and Money

Intersys Computer Forensics Analysts Serve As a Vital Tool in Providing Evidence

The demand for computer forensics analysis rises in tandem with the increase in computer-related crime, of course. And with the British Police being inundated with new cases of computer-related crime every day, it can take a long time for a new case to go to court. That’s why, if you are a computer crime victim, when you finally do ‘have your day in court’, it is essential you have gathered the right evidence (in an appropriate manner) and are able to present it effectively.

Can you really do all that? Do you even have the time?!

To take the pressure off, and to give yourself your best chance of securing a conviction, why not simply leave the entire process to experienced computer forensics professionals?

Computer Forensics – Fighting Perpetrators of Computer-Related Crime
For an individual, small business or large organisation in the UK, computer-related crime is not only costly in terms of the immediate impact the crime has on the business, but also time-consuming afterwards when it comes to investigating exactly what has happened, what data has been affected (and to what extent), etc.

Then, the process of carefully and appropriately gathering evidence that would be admissible in court can be equally exhaustive. And so not only has the ‘computer criminal’ stolen from you in the first instance (or caused damage in some other way), they have also cost you money in time, effort and resources committed by you and your staff in the days and weeks (and sometimes months) that follow.

Computer Forensics – You Can Leave it All to Intersys
Your best bet is to outsource your computer forensics requirements to someone else – computer forensics analysts who know exactly what they’re doing, and are practiced in effectively presenting in court the key evidence they find.

Intersys Computer Forensics Analysts can do exactly that. Our team is skilled in collecting admissible evidence related to computer-related crime perpetrated through platforms such as:

» The Internet
» E‑commerce
» Home usage
» Networks
» Portable devices, and
» Automated systems
While we’re doing all that, you can simply get on with running your business, your computer forensics requirements completely taken care of.

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