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3 Ways We’re Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

For an SME, our reach is pretty wide. From providing IT support across Essex to serving clients with cyber security and MSP services right across the UK, we have an impact – and a responsibility.

We know how important it is for you to work with a provider that is environmentally responsible. That’s why we’re delivering this quick update about some concrete steps we’re taking to make a small but significant impact. 

We are always looking to find ways of reducing our environmental impact whether its embracing work from home policies or using energy efficient practices to lower our power consumption. 

In 2023, we are really excited to support carbon offsetting schemes that are making a global impact. 

Through a collaboration with our partners Co2e tech, we have pledged to support three transformative carbon offsetting schemes that are making a real difference around the world. They are:

  • Protection of tropical rainforests in the Amazon and their role as carbon sinks through the Envira Amazonia project. We’re supporting the conservation of 39,000 hectares along the banks of the Jurupari River. 
  • Distribution of life saving, safe, and energy efficient cooking stoves in Honduras, Central America through the Proyector Mirador project. It provides smoke-free cooking stoves for rural families in Honduras. One stove saves our planet 15 tonnes of carbon pollution.
  • Clean energy generation in India. A wind power project in southern India generates electrical power using wind energy which is then exported to the Indian national grid. This directly displaces the electricity which would have otherwise been generated from India’s dominant coal and gas.

We hope you agree that our support of these schemes underscores our commitment to an environmental policy based on solid action — not platitudes. For more details read our environmental policy.

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