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We’ve Joined the Service Desk Institute – And That’s Great News for Intersys Clients 

Imagine if you could get solid evidence your IT support desk provider was going to deliver the goods before you signed on the dotted line. 

Good news. You can. 

Membership of the Service Desk Institute (SDI) – the UK’s leading body for service desk organisations – reveals that your provider is actively and continually improving. The SDI supports members with training and best practice resources to help them develop their performance and deliver for customers. 

We are delighted to report that we have joined the SDI and will actively embrace its Certification Programme – the sole accreditation programme in the UK designed specifically to certify service desk quality. 

In other words, we believe in our services so much we will invite SDI auditors to assess our performance. 

Staying protected from poor-quality providers 

You are absolutely right to look for insurance against the all-too-common horrors of poor IT support desks. Help desk staff with little training, a high churn rate of technicians, and endless automated responses when you want help from a human being are notorious problems. 

‘But hang on,’ we hear you say. ‘Doesn’t every company have a cabinet full of memberships, accreditations and certifications these days? What guarantee is this association with SDI of anything?’ 

It’s a fair point. Here’s a few details that reveal why joining the SDI will be valuable for IT businesses and their customers. 

Why Service Desk Institute membership and certification matters 

  • For over 30 years, the SDI has attracted thousands of members including notable organisations such as Barnardo’s, Capita, University of Leeds and Yorkshire Water .
  • The accreditation programme follows the Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk, a set of measurable benchmarks for IT service operations internationally. 
  • Businesses that are audited can identify areas for improvement. It’s an opportunity to provide even better IT support desk services. 
  • Only businesses that receive a high enough score receive official SDI certification following an audit. It’s not easy to achieve and about as far from a ‘rubber stamp’ as you can get.

What does an IT support desk do? 

An IT support desk provides technical support to customers. The end goal is to deliver clear fixes to common or complicated problems, so people can continue to use their IT. 

IT support desk services can be delivered in-house, or by an external provider. Some providers will offer both remote support and in-house services. 

In Intersys’ case, our IT support desk engineers are trained in both technical proficiency and customer service skills. Your job will be resolved by a skilled, helpful team member. You can get a dedicated engineer for your account, who will get to know your IT setup, your culture and your common issues. 

We can tailor packages to include full onsite support where required, and deliver 24/7 IT support

Facts and figures about Intersys’ IT support desk 

  • Ticket raised: Our average response time to a ticket raised online is 37 minutes, well above the industry average of 57 minutes. 
  • Ticket resolved: Our average resolution time for tickets resolved is 148 minutes. 
  • We have won a best Managed Service Solution of the Year Award at the IT Europa Awards. 
  • We have many case studies and positive testimonials. See a managed IT case study for an NGO and an IT services and helpdesk case study for a global electronics and manufacturing organisation.

One final point not directly IT support desk-related, but it’s a great indicator of the quality of our overall service. We have a 94% retention rate in an industry with an average of 77%. People come to us and they like our service so much that stay for the long term. 

Says Intersys’ Head of Operations Karen Laverock, ‘Aiming for Service Desk Institute Certification demonstrates that we’re committed to the ultimate service we can achieve. The fact that this is independently audited, verified, and compared against our competitors demonstrates how much we believe in our service excellence.’ 

To find out more about the Service Desk Institute Accreditation, visit their website at

If you’d like an IT support desk to keep your people working optimally, find out about our managed IT services packages.   

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