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Cyber Awareness Training Strengthens Defences

Cyber awareness training for B2B plant and flowers business

Training, simulated attacks and ongoing education helped this business harden its defences against hackers and criminals.


Human error is by far the biggest threat to businesses attempting to build robust cyber security. Social engineering attacks and lax security practices all help criminals devastate organisations – and it’s invariably employees who let them in. 

With over 70 team members, this growing plant and flowers business was acutely aware of a need to create a security-conscious culture among its employees. Also, with a large B2B client base it felt a growing responsibility to its customers to adhere to scrupulous security practices and follow regulations.

It asked Intersys for help.

Our solution:

We delivered tailored cyber security awareness training to the company’s employees, focusing on raising awareness about common cyber threats and emphasising individual accountability. 

Through interactive workshops and real-life scenarios, we equipped employees with the knowledge to identify phishing emails, recognise social engineering tactics, and implement secure password practices.

As well as initial training, we established an ongoing education program to reinforce cyber-security knowledge and provide regular updates on emerging threats. Simulated phishing campaigns allowed us to assess employee readiness and provide targeted training where necessary. 

We also reviewed the company’s existing security policies and procedures, making recommendations to align with industry regulations and standards.

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