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A specialist cyber security provider offering a full service, including consultancy and support. For IT services in London that bring together exceptional talent with a reputation for fairness and integrity, get in touch.

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The London IT Company – Achieve Your Goals with a Trusted Partner

A great IT company does more than provide technical expertise. It also brings the reassurance that it is a rock solid partner robustly protecting your data and your systems. 

Intersys is an ISO 27000-certified London IT company serving clients of all types and sizes, from blue chip organisations to SMEs and charities. 

Based in Aldgate, we specialise in cyber security while also offering the full package of IT services, from consultancy to IT support. We bring the vision to transform your IT performance, and the diligence and best-practice approaches to keep your business secure. It's why highly regulated industries such as life sciences and financial services choose us again and again.

We also pride ourselves on a level of customer service you’ll rarely see in our industry.

IT Services in London: Helping Organisations Just like Yours

  • Finance company: penetration (PEN) testing, to assess network vulnerabilities.
  • Law company: breach response, to mitigate damage following an attack.
  • Housing association: cyber security and fully outsourced IT services.
  • Software company: IT standards, compliance and governance.
  • Insurance company: business continuity planning.
  • Non fungible tokens provider: full outsourced support and IT.
  • Multiple academy trust: security and full IT outsourcing.
  • Pharmaceutical company: breach response and cyber security.
  • Childhood poverty charity: IT support.
  • Mining and exploration company: IT and cyber security.
  • Wildlife conservation charity: security and support.
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IT Services in London

From our offices at One Aldgate, London, we offer specialist cyber security services, complemented by a wide range of complementary IT solutions.

Cyber Security

Stay protected with the security experts. Our service operations centre (SOC) is the cyber security gold standard. Or call us for emergency support, PEN testing and more.

Managed IT Support

Our IT services in London include rapid 24/7, 365 support. We can run your whole IT department as a managed service, or solve single jobs or projects as and when you need us. 

IT Consulting Services

We will develop an IT infrastructure exactly aligned to your business goals. Our team creates cost-effective IT solutions, fully compliant with regulations – to keep you moving forwards.

Software Development

Beat the competition, reduce costs and increase business efficiencies with tailormade software. Bespoke products from our talented team can add up to a superb ROI.
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Matthew Geyman

‘We offer the high-level security and consultancy required by London organisations of all sizes'

I began Intersys more than 25 years ago, servicing the City. We specialise in cyber security, and also offer complete IT services in London to many sectors, from financial services and life sciences to SMEs and schools. London is home to some of the most heavily regulated industries in the UK, who are working at a high-level of complexity in terms of security, compliance and business continuity. My Aldgate-based team knows the territory and will ensure your IT infrastructure meets every requirement. We were – and are – very much a London IT company.
Matthew Geyman, MD Intersys

We have truly levelled up and we are delighted with Intersys’ services.

Waltham Forest Housing Association

Intersys’ professional and fast response resolved our urgent requirement quickly

Freddie Malmborg,

Intersys have exceeded our expectations. The team have been clear about their recommendations, very cost-conscious and a pleasure to work with. They have been key to improving both security and service for our teams.

Non-Departmental Public Body

We're Helping London Clients Just Like You

Construction worker using tablet on site for IT support and services
Designer using a large touchscreen device in a home office
Doctor holding up a tablet with operation details displayed
Woman using VR headset
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Certified, Trusted, Reliable

We partner with leading tech providers and industry bodies

Why Work with Us?

Working with a third-party IT provider can seem like giving someone the keys to your business. It’s understandable you’ll want firm proof that your partner has standing within the industry, backed up by appropriate accreditations. Here’s the need to know about IT services in London from Intersys.

The Cyber Security Experts

While Intersys offers a range of IT services, we lead – always – with cyber security. If you want IT services from a provider with specialist security experience, let's talk.

Rock Solid Security

We hold UKAS-accredited ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for data security. We won’t compromise your data. Your business is secure.

A Friendly IT Company

We are customer service trained and will make your transition to a leading IT solution a pain-free, pleasant experience. We are THE friendly IT company!

Wide Sector Experience

Over a quarter of a century, we have developed knowledge in many sectors, including life sciences, finance, education, retail and more.

Industry Leading Services

The industry votes our services the best in the business. In 2018, 2019 & 2021, we won first place in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards.

Microsoft Gold Partners

Our Microsoft Gold and Silver competencies provide the assurance that you are working with the very best. You shouldn’t accept any less.

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How We’ll Find the Right IT Solution for You


Where are you now?

What are your current processes? What kinds of tools do you use? These questions will help us understand how you work right now.

What’s not working?

How is your current set-up damaging performance? Perhaps your comms are poor, or you can’t make sense of all that (potentially priceless) data?

What the implication?

How are these issues affecting performance? How much time are you wasting because of poor practices? How many deadlines are you missing?

What’s the solution?

Now we design a bespoke solution. It’s a ‘service not sales’ approach that will find a perfect-fit solution for you and your team.

We are a Multi-Award Winning Company

European IT & Software Winner

Common Questions Answered

How do I know your IT services in London are up there with the best?
When evaluating an IT company, search for ‘trust signals’. These indicators suggest or even prove a partner will undertake your project to industry best practice. On our website you’ll find many trust signals. We are Microsoft Gold-Certified, which means we work closely with Microsoft and meet the highest standards when introducing or troubleshooting Microsoft products. We hold ISO 27001 Information Security Management accreditation, which ensures a robust approach to information security. We also have a large database of client recommendations and case studies from organisations similar to yours, who came to Intersys and enjoyed successful outcomes.

Do your IT Services in London offer greater technical expertise than competitors?
We don’t know about every competitor, but we would say: there’s a very high probability. This is largely because we are an IT-led company, not a sales led one. This is an important difference because many IT business work on a sales-based model, which is largely about selling you stuff. We do NOT work on a sales-based model. Our MD, Matthew Geyman, is a self-declared tech geek and all of our leadership team come from technology backgrounds. Work with us and we will be figuring out how to solve your problems and find perfect-fit solutions – NOT what we can sell you. This is not always the case.
Should I search for more than technical skills when searching for IT services in London?
Definitely! As well as providing leading IT expertise, we offer something many London IT companies do not: attentive customer service. This is more than an ‘added bonus’. Good customer service implies the ability to listen and properly take a brief, so you get the right solution. It also suggests the regular support and aftercare you would expect from a company that values long-term relationships with its clients. At Intersys, this customer-first approach is also bound up with our ‘service not sales’ approach, with puts fairness and transparency above quick sales.
Do you offer 24/7 IT support?
Yes, on a client-by-client basis. Let's talk about your needs and we can propose a full-cover plan that will work for you.

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