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Secure and Stable Networks: the Foundation of Business Success

Your computer network is the invisible pulsing heart of your organisation. When it’s working as it should, you won’t even think about it. But when there’s a slowdown or security breach, the entire organisation is affected. In a world with ever-increasing cyber-attacks and complicated data security legislation, your network needs to be expertly installed and proactively managed.

We know that few small and medium-sized organisations have this expertise in-house. By outsourcing your network installation and network support services to Intersys, you have access to a fully accredited and experienced team at an affordable price. Whether you’re operating out of a single room, or are a multi-site organisation, we can help.

Network installation
Our Cisco-accredited engineers have years of experience working with a myriad of networking equipment, including HP, Meraki and Unifi, as well as Cisco. We can recommend suitable network hardware to meet both the size of your organisation and your budget. Our installations are thoroughly documented so that they can be easily supported post-installation.
We don’t just install new networks; we can also help with network upgrades. Our engineers have helped several London area schools enhance their network performance by upgrading core switches and access switches. Whether you need to reconfigure your existing network to ensure maximum efficiency or are setting up an entirely new system, we have you covered.
Installing new networks, recommending hardware and software to fit your budget
Auditing existing networks and recommending upgrades
Providing consultancy around network security
Setting up Firewalls – we work with Watchguard, SonicWall, Fortinet and Cisco

Network support services

Our IT network support services are proactive, rather than reactive. With an emphasis on network security, our robust defence strategies help protect your organisation against malicious attacks. We also monitor your setup to ensure that it is working at peak performance so your organisation runs smoothly. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of your network performance, back-up and security needs.
We support:
Existing networks as well as new installations
Branch office VPNs
Hardwired and wireless setups
Disaster recovery

Why choose us?

Intersys is a full-service network installation and network support services provider you can trust.
Security conscious
We take security seriously. Intersys are Watchguard Gold Partners – we have over 10 years’ experience configuring Watchguard firewalls.
We work with organisations throughout London and Essex and can support you remotely or on-site.
Certified and experienced
Our network engineers are Cisco-accredited, with years of experience.
Budget friendly
We work with SMEs of all sizes to build a cost-effective IT network solution.