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A Well Designed Network Will Lift Your Business' Performance

A fast, secure and reliable IT network is essential for almost all of your day-to-day operations. When it underperforms, so does your organisation. But a well-designed IT network doesn’t have to break the bank. Our Cisco-certified engineers have years of experience with designing and troubleshooting networks at affordable prices. Whether you are building a new network from the ground up, or modernising your existing network to improve performance, we can advise.
As part of our network design service, our consultants work with you to understand your business needs. We then design a system aligned to your requirements and recommend high performance equipment to ensure speed and reliability. We won’t just throw money at the problem; we will plan a cost-conscious and future-proof design to grow with your organisation. Our team will ensure that your new network is fully mapped and diagrammed, so that the information is readily available to support engineers when needed.
We can help with:
Upgrading from a physical environment to a cloud-enabled network environment
Mapping and diagramming your new or improved network
Basic hardware installation, configuration and staging
Planning and arranging for installation of routers, switches, firewalls, UTM appliances, VPN concentrators, patch panels and so on
Refreshing existing infrastructure to take advantage of the speed and reliability that comes with the latest technology

Network troubleshooting

We’re not just about new systems, however. If your existing network underperforms or fails, Intersys has a great track record of troubleshooting, getting to the root of a network problem and finding solutions to get you up and running again.
We can also conduct a full site survey to check the health of your system and make suggestions to improve performance. Our experts can identify problems like single points of failure, potential traffic bottlenecks and security risks, and provide you with affordable solutions. Whether you’re struggling with unreliable WiFi performance, a slow branch office VPN connection, or poor network visibility, we can help.

Reliable and safe

Intersys is a full-service network design and troubleshooting provider you can trust.
Security conscious
We take security seriously. Intersys are Watchguard Gold Partners — we have over 10 years’ experience configuring Watchguard firewalls.
Certified and experienced
Our network engineers are Cisco-accredited, with years of experience.
Our networks are designed specifically for the needs of your organisation.
Budget friendly
We work with SMEs and Enterprise level organisations to build a cost-effective IT network solution.