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We thrive on innovation and, increasingly, more and more companies are realising the remarkable benefits cloud technology can bring to businesses of almost any size. We can show how cloud-based working could work for you, providing the security, flexibility and reliability you need.

Cloud Support

How we work

Essentially, cloud systems combine all the best technology advances from the last few years in a more reliable, intuitive and accessible way than traditional systems. It involves storing files and sometimes systems and software on the internet instead of on in-house hardware such as PCs or servers. This can include everything from your email, documents and desktop to pretty much any software – Microsoft Office 365 being one of the most common – and everything is nicely integrated too.

Key benefits:

  • Subscription based, so no large, upfront hardware or licensing costs
  • Flexible and scalable as you buy on a per user basis – systems that grow with your business
  • Access to the latest software and upgrades without additional costs – all through the same familiar Office software package
  • Intuitive systems, accessible from anywhere on any device
  • More reliable than traditional systems, with Service Level Guarantees
  • No need for backups and greater control of IT security
  • You don’t need to change the way you work
  • Lower energy costs and carbon impact at your business premises

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