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A Comprehensive Range of Cyber Security Services for Robust, Industry-Leading Protection

Whether it’s by misplacing important data or becoming the victim of a targeted attack, organisations today have to contend with an ever-increasing range of IT and cyber security threats.
In fact, 32 percent of businesses and 22 percent of charities experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months alone*. And it’s easy to become a part of that statistic if you don’t have the right information security systems in place.

With a variety of IT and cyber security services to keep you ahead of the game – from fully managed security services to independent penetration testing and IT and cyber security audit services – Intersys is the key weapon in your cyber defence arsenal. We make sure that your organisation stays protected from a range of external and internal threats.

*2019 Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey

Protect your business data

Our team of highly experienced IT and cyber security experts can provide the safe pair of hands that you need when it comes to dealing with highly valuable and sensitive data and systems. We have strong experience in the specialist and high-demand areas required to boost your security.
Is your network properly segmented and are permissions assigned on a ‘Principle of Least Privilege’? When was the last time you had a penetration test? How often do you run anti-phishing awareness training for your internal teams? Do you know how to respond appropriately to a data breach?
Intersys can help you find the answers to these questions by helping you understand your information security landscape, identify vulnerabilities and fix them before they become problematic.
All our IT and cyber security services are underpinned by four key principles:
IT and cyber security threat protection
With the average cost of a data breach in the UK now standing at £2.7m, prevention is the first line of defence against impending threats. Our IT and Cyber Security Threat Protection Services offer a complete range of preventative security measures at the level that you need. From sourcing the right cyber and IP assurance, to expert system monitoring and intrusion protection, to anti-phishing training, we can create the necessary IT and cyber security safeguards to ensure your data stays safe.
IT & cyber threat detection
Our IT and Cyber Threat Detection Services can help identify and remediate threats before they become incidents. Not only do we hunt for signs of malicious activity, we also identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that hackers could exploit in future attacks. We run the full course of assessment, detection and testing including security audits, on-premises malware and anti-virus, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.
IT & cyber incident response
Your organisation’s recovery from an incident depends on your response to it. Our IT and Cyber Incident Response Services can give you the GDPR-aligned expert guidance you need to respond appropriately to an incident. From data breach response plans to urgent on-site assistance with a security breach, trust our experts to help investigate, contain and rectify the damage. We provide experienced, qualified and tenacious security specialists who will help to re-secure your organisation.
IT & cyber security planning
IT and Cyber Security Planning is one of the most important protections that your organisation can invest in. We can help you plan for the future so that you are prepared to face a broad range of internal and external threats. Our services include policy and forensic readiness planning, staff training as well as adherence to corporate polices and industry best practices.
Our IT security certifications and accreditations
When you choose Intersys as your managed IT and cyber security services partner, you can rest assured that you are getting highly experienced, ISO 27001-certified, data protection and GDPR-aligned IT security experts with a deep knowledge of IT and cyber security issues.
UKAS accredited ISO 27001
WatchGuard Gold Partner
EC-Council CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
Cyberoam Gold Partner
CompTIA Security+
CompTIA Network+
BCS CISMP (Certificate in Information Security Management Principles)
Computer forensics and investigations (postgraduate course)

What our clients say

Listen to what our clients say about our exceptional security services.

An exceptional cyber security service

With multiple offices across the globe, cloud-based systems and close relationship with external providers, we realised creating our Cyber Risk Management Framework would require considerable expertise. Intersys did a great job of gathering all the necessary data about our company’s global systems and processes, and then benchmarking it against the expected standards.

I could certainly recommend their service and approach.

Citadel Risk
Citadel Risk

Efficiently managed, pain-free cyber security

Intersys designed and implemented our cyber security defences and corporate security protocols, to our exacting requirements. This was achieved as part of the work to separate our infrastructure from a larger organisation. Thanks to them, the entire process was pain free and efficiently managed.

AviaSolutions Ltd
AviaSolutions Ltd