Impero Education Pro

Trusted by education establishments across the world, Impero Education Pro blends classroom control features, network admin tools and state-of-the-art esafety technology; designed to empower teachers, keep students safe and ease network administration; saving time and money, focusing learning and improving efficiency.

Classroom Management

Empowering teachers with a range of classroom control tools to help break down traditional behaviour management barriers, focus learning, and keep students safe online.

  • Access management
  • Screen broadcasting
  • Teaching tools
  • Assessment tools
  • Remote control & support
  • Multi-device monitoring
  • Messaging & live chat
  • Enforce acceptable use policies


Network management:

A comprehensive suite of remote monitoring and management tools designed to help busy IT teams support school networks.

  • Remote control & support
  • Computer usage monitoring
  • Licence management
  • Desktop utilisation
  • Print management
  • Inventory management
  • Power management
  • Patch management


Online Safety:

Developed in partnership with a number of charities and specialist organisations, including the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), SafeBae, Victvs, Beat and more, Impero Education Pro’s feature-rich online safety functionality is designed to help schools comply with UK government guidance, such as Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) and the Prevent Duty, as well as Ofsted and ISI.

  • Keyword detection
  • Keyword detection libraries
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Anonymous student reporting
  • Activity logs & incident handling
  • Enforce acceptable use policies
  • Track & disable USBs
  • Access management
  • Advanced analytics & reporting


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