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How Business Continuity Planning Could Make Your Company Bullet Proof!

Business Continuity Planning from Intersys – Are You READY For This?

“It might never happen, so why worry about it?”

“Plan B? There’s is no Plan B.”

“Everybody chill. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“Believe me, guys, it isn’t possible to be one step ahead in this game.”

Oh yes it is. Why do you think some businesses survive a catastrophe, while others never recover?

It’s all down to the P word, folks – Planning. Well, business continuity planning, to be exact. Something smart companies do. And something Intersys are experts at.

Business Continuity Planning – It All Starts With, Err, Woody Allen

That’s right. Woody Allen once famously said that ‘Eighty per cent of success is showing up.’ That may be true in the entertainment industry, Woody, but in IT, 95 per cent of success is planning. Not just planning for success, but also having contingency plans in place should a disaster strike one day – the kind of disaster that puts IT-orientated businesses large and small across the world out of business, for good.

4 First Steps to Brilliant Business Continuity Planning

1. However great your team, and regardless of how much faith you have in them to respond like a crack SAS unit should the proverbial ever hit the fan, still plan ahead.

2. Don’t just have some vague Plan B in a dusty old file somewhere in the back office. Keep your continuity plan ‘in your head’, by always being mindful of the fact that disaster can strike at any time, and to any business.

3. Have your team primed and prepared, with each team member being 100 per cent clear on what’s expected of them should disaster strike.

4. Schedule ‘exercises’ at intervals throughout the year. Prepare for the real thing by simulating it as closely as you can, learning from each exercise, and then fine-tuning your business continuity plan accordingly.

Talk to Intersys About a Business Continuity Plan for Your Company TODAY

Great planning is about great people. YOUR hand-picked, talented and committed team. Now add to that team by getting in touch with Intersys – a proven Business Continuity Planning Specialist who will work with you to develop a ‘bullet proof’ business continuity plan that is specifically tailored, completely actionable, and leaves you with nothing less than complete peace of mind.

Go Go Go!

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