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Why Emergency IT Support is Only Great if the Response Team’s Knowledge is Great

Emergency IT Support the Way it Should Be – From Intersys

If you have a serious IT problem you need an emergency IT support team who will respond immediately. But, of course, that’s only half the story…

Emergency IT Support (What a game!)

You’ve heard of the eager young footballer who was always first to training, but never actually had the skills to be effective on the pitch? (You know the one: He talked the talk. He had the dearest boots and the latest kit. But when it came to it he was as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike). Well, emergency IT support from so many IT companies across the UK is not dissimilar…

…Your emergency IT support team turns up on-site in no time. They’re keen. They look the part and fill you with confidence as they assure you they’ll fix the problem (‘no probs, mate.’). The wave of relief that spreads across your office would put even the most buoyant Mexican football crowd to shame.

But then the umming and arring starts. The head scratching. Mobile phone calls back to the office are made in hush tones. They’ve ‘just got to pop out to the van to get…’

That’s not emergency IT support. That’s a waste of time. It’s also a waste of money. But, worry not. There is another way – emergency IT support the Intersys way.

Emergency IT Support with a Difference from Intersys

Emergency IT support is only real support if the emergency response team is fully trained and vastly experienced in dealing with a diverse range of IT problems (whether remotely or on-site). Intersys can quickly identify problems (with new, legacy or older systems – many of which other emergency IT support companies simply won’t touch) and then make an accurate assessment of your particular situation, before proceeding to fix the problem – fast, without fuss, and at a competitive price.

Companies everywhere are dissatisfied with the standard of emergency IT support they receive. They are paying through the nose for emergency IT support that simply isn’t good enough.

Don’t be one of them.

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Risk: +44 (0)845 094 8925
Fax: +44 (0)871 247 3997

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