Dear Reader, here’s just some of what we’ve started work on, to help keep you informed and interested next year:

  • Security Basics: Why YOU’RE The Product
    Think that software’s free? Think again.
  • Are we finally safe from the US Government? Microsoft’s First UK Datacentre
    Safe Harbour, US Patriot Act, Snowden and Model Contracts
  • Extreme Impact ‘Black Swan’ Power Events
    Knocking out entire cities.
  • Feeling drained? Extending iPhone Battery Life
    The little things which make a big difference, we show you how.
  • Taking Data Security Seriously (with ISO27001)
    What we’re doing and why you should consider it
  • MAD, BAD and UGLY – Return of 1980s and The Era of Malicious Viruses
    2015 was the year of RansomWare.
  • The £200 Billion Cyber Attack Cost
    Gulp. It’s closer than you think