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October Webinar: Identifying Cyber Risks

To mark Cyber Security Month in October, we recently kicked off a series of webinars to help businesses and organisations get to grip with the five basic principles of cyber security. 

This fundamental framework was devised by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the U.S. Department of Commerce and is universally acknowledged as being the blue print for a sound cyber security strategy. It also forms the basis of Intersys’ cyber security approach. 

We had a fantastic response for the first event — Identifying Cyber Risk. The session was led by Intersys’ Executive Director Mark Kirby and Joh Clarke, CTO of Cyban Technologies. 

Attendees were given a top-level overview of how to use the NIST framework on Identifying Cyber Risk and apply it to their own organisations. Key questions covered were:

What are you protecting? 

What are your risks? 

The session then looked at important areas that were relevant to the Identify theme from asset management and business environment to risk assessment and governance to name a few. 

It also underlined the importance of establishing a security baseline to benchmark existing security practices within an organisation. 

For the second half of the webinar, Cyban’s CTO John Clarke, did a deep dive into his AI-powered tool that has been helping businesses see their entire cyber risk profile on an easy-to-read dashboard.

He demonstrated how simple Cyban makes it to understand how much a data breach would cost an organisation as well as put a value on cyber health with a cyber score . This is extremely beneficial for non-technical executives who can then use this information to formulate strategies for staying compliant. 

The webinar closed with a Q&A where attendees were able to get more insights into devising robust cyber security strategies. 

We were extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share our knowledge this way and look forward to seeing more participants for the rest of the series. 

Watch the full webinar video 

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