UK schools have a responsibility to keep students safe, in line with Ofsted, ISI, and other inspection bodies’ best practice whole-school approach to safeguarding. Therefore, for those people that are directly responsible for the control of  safeguarding, child protection or pastoral care roles, specific obligations exist to take a lead on school safeguarding practices.

The Safeguarding representative is naturally the first point of contact for students at risk.  This means that a safeguarding representative is required to assess information about safeguarding concerns and to determine the most appropriate action. Thankfully, technology is now fully engaged within education and can be incorporated into all types of learning environments.


Impero can detect and capture screen shots of prohibited words and internet sites and searches. Furthermore, Impero allows management of Mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones allowing teaching staff to disable internet access or disable USB drives on devices.

Classroom Monitoring

Additionally, Impero’s software also incorporates screen sharing and live classroom monitoring, which aids Teachers with remote help and screen presentation. This allows valuable teaching demonstrations directly on student’s screens.

Impero and Intersys

Intersys are in partnership with Impero Software, the world’s leading safeguarding software on the market. So, for details on software costs, please visit or contact us for a quotation on : 0203 005 4440