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Cyberoam Systems Certified Network & Security Experts

Good grief! Just when you thought our crack team of IT Support and Risk Management Specialists couldn’t offer any more, we’ve gone and extended our services again!

As well as being: 

1. Microsoft Certified Partners (Silver Desktop and Silver Midmarket Solutions Providers)
2. Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists (reflecting our SME-tailored solutions)
3. Cisco Select Certified Partners (demonstrating that we are qualified to supply, install and support Cisco solutions)

Intersys are now also:

4. Certified Network & Security Experts for Cyberoam Systems (or ‘CCNSE’)

About Cyberoam Network Security

When it comes to the implementation of Unified Threat Management security (UTMs), logging and reporting, secure remote connectivity appliances, data loss prevention software, and more, Cyberoam Network Security is fast becoming THE certification of choice for Internet security professionals world-wide. 

CCNSE is an advanced qualification for CCNSP-certified professionals (CCNSP is the basic Cyberoam certification). CCNSE training provided Intersys network security engineers with an opportunity for them to demonstrate and develop further their expertise in complex Cyberoam security deployments. Throughout a fascinating, empowering (and enjoyable!) course of training, the Intersys guys gained an in-depth knowledge of advanced:

  • Debugging issues
  • Troubleshooting issues, and
  • Cyberoam UTM identity-based architecture, on top of what they learnt in CCNSP.

What’s more, the training included sessions where our engineers gained invaluable experience in Cyberoam:

  • Product installation
  • Network integration

And the configuration of various Cyberoam features, such as:

  • Content filtering
  • Anti-virus & Anti-spam
  • VPN
  • IPS
  • And more
Layer 8 Technology (The ‘Human Layer’)

As good as Cyberoam Network Security is, Cyberoam recognises that it is still only as secure as the people using it. That is, if an individual’s unique identity cannot be known (and their Internet activity controlled), then this can make policy-setting and username reporting nigh on impossible, as well as leaving companies vulnerable to all sorts of security issues (internal and external threats). 

That’s why Cyberoam has developed their award-winning Layer 8 Technology: the 8th layer in the network protocol stack, a feature that has ‘the human element’ well and truly covered. Amongst other safeguards, with Layer 8 a user’s human identity can be part of the firewall rule matching criteria, a feature few other internet security software systems can boast.

How all this can help YOU

By utilising Cyberoam identity-based UTM appliances with Layer 8 built-in (implemented and managed by Intersys engineers at a competitive rate!), your company can enjoy comprehensive protection against Internet threats (both existing and emerging ones). 

Imagine never having to worry again about viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, malware, spam, phishing and even things like insufficient bandwidth.

Now, thanks to our ‘Cyberoam savvy’ guys, you can.

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